We strive to build a solid business relationship that will drive you to ATLANTIS TECHNICAL SERVICES for all of your technical staffing needs. We start the process by getting to know your organization and understanding, in-depth, each opportunity you need to fill and the knowledge, skills, and abilities you require. Only after careful consideration of your needs can we provide competent and capable employees.

To ensure each employee meets your needs and is a fit for your organization, we engage in a thorough screening process that confirms a candidate’s skills and career aspirations.

Our work does not end after a successful placement. We foster a solid relationship by ensuring we meet your expectations and objectives on an ongoing basis. We contact active clients and employees frequently to monitor the status and quality of our efforts.

At Atlantis Technical Services, We:

  • Recruit and place ‘entry-level’ to ‘accomplished professionals’ in a wide-range of engineering/technical skills
  • Retain employees through an excellent compensation and benefit plan
  • Take a proactive approach to our recruiting process to ensure a proper fit with your organization
  • Ensure that the Atlantis Account Managers and Technical Recruiters have the relevant technical background to fully understand your staffing needs
  • Provide background checks, employment and degree verifications at the client’s request
  • In addition, we cover all state and federal unemployment tax, FICA, workers compensation, and withholding taxes

As an Atlantis Client, You Realize:

  • A shortened learning curve for each employee, resulting in increased productivity
  • Fewer billable hours to a project
  • More on-target resumes that will save you valuable time
  • Employees placed appropriately within their skill set to ensure alignment with the job opportunity and your organization’s goals and needs

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